Tungsten Copper Military Shaped Charge Liner

Tungsten Copper Military Shaped Charge Liner Picture


Tungsten copper military shaped charge liner is called the bomb's heart. It is the different properties of metal or alloy, in accordance with the design requirements of the Liner compounded play the comprehensive advantages.


1. Compared with a single metal liners, energy conversion and absorption mechanism is more reasonable, more fully utilization of chemical energy, armor and better performance, lower cost also has broad development prospects.

2. Tungsten copper shaped combination of high density and ductility of tungsten copper, compared to copper liners have higher power and armor shaped effect.


1. Tungsten and copper can not dissolve each other, and because of the density difference between the two large, easy to form when gravity segregation caused by compression molding liners inhomogeneous density distribution.

2. Tungsten Copper Military Shaped Charge Liner are very sensitive to bomb high charge:in a small frying condition of high depth of their armor comparable copper liners increased by about 30%, but to compete in the big frying performance is deteriorating rapidly, the jet can not get ductility.

Improvement methods

1. A conventional tungsten copper alloy density difference obtained by the method, the uneven density distribution, a more effective method for mixing powder or the preparation of molding can be used, including isostatic pressing and the like.

2. Changing the sintering temperature and obtain better bonding strength.

3. On the layered liners do question whether it will result in poor stability problems.

4. If the density and bond strength can be improved, and then use the company's strengths, the material is rolled into sheets, tungsten copper alloy Liner material prepared by spinning, stamping or forging methods.