Tungsten Copper Military Alloy

Tungsten Copper Military Alloy Picture

Tungsten copper military alloy can be made by many methods.

Traditionally, tungsten copper military alloy making commonly adopt copper permeability and liquid sintering technique. However as tungsten and copper indissolve each other and the sintering sex also poorer, it is difficult to implement fully sintering to optimize dense and form the uniform microstructure, and also hard to flexible adjustment of composition of copper tungsten. The followings are the commonly.

Infiltration Method

Infiltration method is that firstly prepare fixed density and strength of porous tungsten substrate skeleton, than infiltrate low melting point mental copper into the tungsten skeleton.

The mechanism of infiltration method is when the liquid copper wetting tungsten porous substrate, under capillary pressure, the liquid copper flow long with the particle's porous skeleton and padding the porous skeleton, resulting in comprehensive good materials.

The merits of tungsten copper military alloy made from this method are high density, good sintering performance, good thermal and electricity conductivity. However, this tungsten copper military alloy needs further machining, which increase the machining cost, reduce the yield.

High temperature liquid sintering method

As there is a huge distance between the tungsten and copper of the melting point, so we can adopt high temperature liquid sintering method to make tungsten copper military alloy, through which densificate its density at the temperature higher than copper melting point.

This method's advantage is that the processing is simple and easily control, while high sintering temperature, long sintering time and low sintering density which make the finished products can not meet the requirements of usage. In order to improve the density, repress, hot –press and hot forging after liquid sintering.

Arc melting method

Arc melting method is making into electrode with the copper tungsten, then melting in the arc furnace, so tiny grain, low density ,high densify and good corrosion resistance tungsten copper military alloy come out.